8 Best Keto Biscuits

Biscuits are one of the most versatile meals around. You can make them savory or sweet, as a standalone meal or just a snack. To keto’ers, biscuits bring one of the richest blends of healthy fats together thanks to the generous amounts of cheese which most savory types include. The great thing about keto biscuits is that they’re mostly much better than the standard versions of their recipes. They benefit greatly from the way that ketogenic biscuits need multiple fats.

Here we’ve put together the 8 best keto biscuits. Between these recipes you will find a flavor combination to suit almost anyone or any meal. Whether you need a breakfast biscuit or something sweet to serve with tea, we’ve provided the tastiest, easiest and most affordable recipes around.

Savory biscotti is quite easy to make once you get used to the two-step process. The dough is quick to make but the biscotti takes a while to bake. This recipe makes enough for 15 gluten-free biscotti which deliver just the right degree of garlic, herb and Italian seasoning. They go great on a cheese platter and are even addictive plain. The texture, taste and pairing versatility is amazing. You don’t even need to freeze them as they store for up to a month in an airtight container.

These biscuits melt in your mouth with an unbeatable buttery flavor. Almond flour gives them a texture which is better than most baked goods, while you’ll fall in love with the way that the cheese and garlic come through. Packed with all of the healthy fats that every keto’er needs, these biscuits should not be overmixed to guarantee that they come out fluffy. It’s a great option for a light breakfast or lunch and are amazing when served with soup or stew. 

These biscuits will become your go-to once you’ve tasted how versatile they truly are. This is the ultimate sweet biscuit recipe for keto’ers. You’ll be astounded by just how much they rise if you work quickly with the dough. With a density which is slightly higher than standard wheat biscuits, these moist, textured biscuits can be enjoyed fresh or the batch can be frozen. All they need is a helping of low-carb strawberry, raspberry or chia jam and they’re the perfect keto snack.

Jalapeño, garlic, bacon and the flavor of cheese pop through on every bite of these unbeatable keto biscuits. They’re the ultimate snack and a perfect side for a range of meals. You can’t top the texture or spicy taste. With just the right amount of garlic, pickled peppers, and hints of sour cream coming through, this recipe will have everyone coming back for more. Serve them at supper or as a high-fat breakfasts, these Keto biscuits are ever-versatile.

After trying this southern-style keto biscuits and gravy recipe you’ll always keep a batch of keto country biscuits on hand in the freezer. Sausage gravy is easy to make using this recipe and always comes out rich and creamy. Thanks to the cream cheese and whipping cream, you get a whopping helping of healthy fats, while the entire meal is seasoned to perfection with nothing more than salt and pepper. Delicious food doesn’t get simpler.

These biscuits are bursting with flavor thanks to being stuffed with sausage and cheese. Instead of gluten, this recipe uses mozzarella cheese to bind, guaranteeing healthy high-fat goodness. You’ll forget about sandwiches completely once you’ve tried these breakfast biscuits. They’re also great for those who are trying to find a replacement for eggs in the morning. The recipe is also extremely easy to customize with any of your favorite ingredients. Feel free to experiment with other inclusions as the dough binds very well.

This recreation of an Australian ANZAC biscuit is what most know as an American cookie. It has a texture will resembles that of rolled oats. Soft and chewy, they are truly Australian. To reach its perfect consistency, fine almond meal and desiccated coconut are combined with slivered almonds, walnuts or pecans. The result is a biscuit which is surprisingly filling but highly addictive and great with tea or coffee. The next time that you feel like something a little different, try these to curb your sweet tooth.

Cheese biscuits don’t get better than these low-carb delights. They look and taste great enough to be served to guests but you won’t want to share once you’ve tried them. Any cheese can be substituted – just keep an eye on the carbs. Cheddar is a safe bet and you can get varying degrees of intensity based on how aged your cheese is. One biscuit gives you just 2 grams of net carbs with 32 grams of total fat. Keto biscuits don’t come packed with more fat than that.

Easy to Adjust

Although slightly higher in carbs, hazelnut flour does make for a great alternative for when you want a slight spin on any of these biscuits. It works well in biscuits intended for jams. You can also go ahead and play with various types of cheese but as mentioned, keep an eye on the calorie count. Herbs are another great addition to any of these savory biscuits. Play around with flavors till you find a winning favorite for each.


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