12 Best Keto Ice Cream Recipes

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After you’ve tried the creamy goodness of keto ice cream you’ll never want to return to store-bought dairy again. We’ve put together a collection of 12 of the best keto ice cream recipes available online. Each uses key ketogenic ingredients including nutritious foods such as coconut cream, MCT oil, xanthan gum, cream cheese and natural sweeteners like stevia.

The following recipes are all easy to adapt to any diet or palate. Low-carb, sugar-free and high in healthy fats, these keto ice cream recipes are simply the best. We’ve made sure that you’ve got both no-churn ice cream recipes and recipes for an ice cream maker available.

Most types of keto ice cream cool far more rapidly than normal ice cream making it easy to try a range of different styles and flavors. Keto ice cream making is quick, affordable and extremely versatile.  Play around with the ingredients to find a personal blend.

Coconut cream and cream cheese combine into a chunky ice cream which is rich and filling. Xanthan gum shows its true versatility in the low-carb kitchen through this outstanding exhibit of keto ice cream. Leave the cream cheese to soften or prepare it straight for low instant-low carb ice cream with texture.

This ice cream shows you just how good no-churn recipes can be. If you leave out the cherries then it is even more keto friendly. With the added MCT oil, there is no chance of a chalky texture developing. If you don’t have access to this great additive, then leave it to thaw for half an hour.  Either way, you’ll fall in love with this ice cream.

This slimming strawberry cheesecake ice cream takes under 30 minutes to make and will soon become a favorite in your household. With over 23 grams of fat and just 2 grams of carbs, this is a perfect ketogenic dessert. Dense, filling and bursting with flavor, store-bought cheesecake ice cream doesn’t stand a chance.

#4 Easy Keto No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream

The ingredients in this ice cream recipe blend smoothly and easily without the need for an ice cream maker. There is no chunkiness to be found and you don’t need to spend an eternity churning by hand. Making strawberry ice cream has never been easier.

Avocado, coconut milk and coconut cream ensure that this cholate ice cream is extremely high in healthy fat. It is ready in under thirty minutes and comes with lots of recommendations for substitutes. It’s another prime example of how versatile avocado is to the keto diet.

While the recipe writer whips this up with the help of an ice cream maker, this cinnamon dessert can easily be made by hand. The spicy undertones make it pair perfectly with a slice of low-carb pie or, as recommended, ginger cake. As is, it is irresistible as well.

Thanks to lucuma powder, this pumpkin ice cream is packed with nutrients and delivers a subtle butterscotch flavor. Use any sweet squash you have in hand instead of pumpkin and blend away till smooth. After a turn in the ice cream maker you’ll have the healthiest Keto ice cream around.

With coconut cream added, you have a paleo and keto-friendly ice cream which is ready to eat after just 20 minutes of freezing. Add a low-carb no-sugar sweet sauce and you’ve got an impressive snack to curb sugar cravings in no time.

This recipe using the custard method to whip together no-churn ketogenic ice cream in no time. Loaded with flavor and depths of texture, this is ice cream which will melt quickly. You’d best eat it quickly. You won’t be able to help yourself anyway!

Nutritious, high fat and low in carbs, these keto popsicles will wow your friends. They’re best made the night before as they take up to four hours to freeze solid. You won’t believe the way that the ingredients blend into the quintessential American summer dessert.

Delightfully original, these keto avocado popsicles are an outstanding alternative to your mid-day fat bomb, especially in summer. They’ll leave you and your kids pleasantly surprised once you taste the creamy chocolate covered goodness.

This is a fantastic recipe for those times when you’re craving a classic vanilla ice cream. Vegans will have to avoid this easy no-churn recipe but other keto’ers will love the way that gelatin replaces condensed milk. Just add a natural sweetener of your choice. Stevia is always a good option.

An Excellent Sweet Treat for Ketosis

Keto ice cream is one of the healthiest snacks around delivering the exact fuel that your body needs to support ketosis. It is also one of the best ways to satisfy any sweet cravings without knocking you off your platform of peak performance. The best keto ice cream recipes come out so good that they better or rival conventional ice cream. Just ask your friends. They mostly won’t tell the difference.


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