16 Easy Keto Dessert Recipes

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These 16 easy keto dessert recipes will have you putting together healthy, nutritious treats which look and taste amazing in no time. Wow your guests and add dimensions of new flavor to your diet by exploring as many of these options as you can. It’ll give your something to make or inspiration for any meal. Some make the perfect accompaniment to a full-on Sunday lunch, while others are simple and small enough to replace fat bombs as a high-energy snack.

The techniques shown in these recipes can also be repurposed to a countless range of desserts, limited by nothing more than your own creativity. Lost for inspiration? How about edible cookie dough? Chocolate-strawberry keto cheesecake anybody? No matter which recipe you pick, these easy keto dessert recipes all guarantee that your sweet tooth won’t knock you out of ketosis nor off the track to it. Delicious desserts don’t get healthier or tastier.

This recipe makes cheesecake easy while the deep frying does nothing but add to its ketogenic benefits. With 2 two carbs each, you can use these bites as you would a fat bomb.

Blueberries and chocolate come together as a vegan friendly, gluten free nut cluster which is and perfect for keto’ers. They don’t even have any sugar and taste great frozen or fresh.

Low in carbs and fat, this pumpkin pie looks and tastes fantastic. Pick your piping and spice to match the flaky crust and white-cheesecake filling.

Thanks to this easy brownie in a mug recipe, keto’ers can once again treat themselves to a high-fat snack in under a minute. With dark chocolate, stevia-sweetened chocolate and natural cocoa, it’ll make sure that your chocolaty cravings are totally satisfied.

For a keto-friendly cake which is moister than the tasty traditional recipe from The Keto Queens try this one-minute magic. If you don’t like microwave cooking then make either mug cake in the oven instead.

You’ll be happy this dessert has low carbs and no sugar once you find yourself finishing off the first roulade before the guests arrive. It’s a great introduction to cooking with almond flour and curbs any chocolate craving.

With egg yolks and heavy whipping cream this is a high-fat alternative to ice cream that keeps you feeling full. Its creamy texture and rich flavor come together from only four ingredients and an hour or two to chill.

With its soft, decadent filling, this cranberry cake is moist yet fluffy. A great balance of sweet and sour forms without needing excessive sweetener. Make sure to cook it long enough while the top from burning when necessary. 

This is one chia pudding which everyone needs to try whether they’re a fan of the superfood or not. Dairy, gluten and refined sugar free, this ketogenic spin on strawberries and cream delivers delicate flavor and just the right texture.

All you need is and bowl and a few minutes to prep this simply keto coffee cake. With either berries or rhubarb, it makes for a versatile ketogenic treat thanks to span of ways to combine your fillings.

Non-keto friends and family will never be able to tell the difference when you serve them this innovative rice pudding. It is packed with healthy fats and uses all-natural ingredients. This proves that cauliflower is a keto’ers best friend.

This edible cookie dough is free from sugar and low in carbs making it a great anytime snack. You don’t get a quicker dessert and it stores well refrigerated. Your chocolaty treats are ready in 5-minutes or less.

Whip together this creamscicle dessert quickly and cheaply. Treat yourself to this guilt-free zero-sugar fruit dessert as often as you want thanks to prep taking under twenty-minutes. With its crumbly shortbread-esque crust and orange cream filling, it’ll satisfy all cravings.

Keto’ers will love how much butter is crammed into this pie although the word dessert may better suit it. Delicious subtle sweetness fills this pie which is thick but not-quite full-set. 

For a mug cake with a twist try this cinnamon-roll in a minute. Topped off with keto cream cheese icing, you’d better be prepared to make one for everyone around after they see and smell its rich aromatic goodness.

This wholesome keto-friendly chocolate and strawberry cheesecake is so good that it’ll convert your friends. Decadent does not adequately describe this perfect pairing of ingredients. “More please” is all that’s left to say about this no-carb dream cake. 

Easy to Adjust Winning Recipes

Keto desserts don’t get more versatile than the selection supplied. From this set of methods and combinations you can expand to include almost anything. Stick to ketogenic ingredients which are low in calories and most substitutions will work given a bit of experimentation and fine-tuning. These easy keto desserts can be made in a range of different ways with many alternatives available for the sweeteners, spices, fruits and filling suggested. 


I’m Rebekah and reside in Germany. I’ve been active my whole life but can’t say I have always been healthy when it comes to my food choices. After having issues with my thyroid and started gaining weight, I knew it was time to change what I put in my body. I decided to research the keto lifestyle and started to see major improvements.

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