9 Keto Barbecue Sauce Recipes You’ll Never Go Without Again

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Regular barbecue sauce is generally skipped over by anyone who eats healthy. Whether you’re following keto, paleo or the Whole30 diet, sauces are normally loaded with sugar and empty calories. However, forsaking sauce is something that none of us normally wants to do and fortunately we don’t have to.

Here’s a selection of 9 keto barbecue sauce recipes which give you a range of flavors from sweet to tomato-infused goodness, spicy to traditional smoky BBQ, our list has it all. Modify to taste or use these as is to always have keto barbecue sauce readily available, even when you have as little as 15 minutes to spare. Healthy eating which is keto-friendly and packed with flavor has never been so easy as when you see how simple it is to make amazing sauce at home.

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#1 Keto BBQ Sauce

Cooking LSL

This mouthwatering barbecue sauce is put together in 15-minutes or less and carries just the right touch of off-sweet, tangy goodness that BBQ needs. With a flavor that lingers and a versatile neutrality which makes it suited to a wide range of meals, you’ll never be without good keto barbecue sauce again. There’s no need to worry about sugar and the blend of herbs and spices is near-unbeatable.

#2 Low Carb BBQ Sauce – Paleo Gluten Free

Low Carb Yum

This is the best keto barbecue sauce recipe for those who want to whip up a small batch for a single meal’s serving. You can always multiply the ingredients accordingly for a larger quantity at once but the tangy goodness of this BBQ sauce is so simple to put together that you really do want it fresh every time. There is even a paleo friendly version of this recipe readily available for those combining keto and the Paleolithic diet.

#3 15-Minute BBQ Sauce from Scratch


Glazed to perfection in 15-minutes flat, you won’t find a BBQ sauce which is easier nor more accommodating to a broad range of eating styles. Gluten free, perfectly suited to keto, and wholesome enough for paleo followers, this blend of chipotle, cayenne, paprika and other spices has just the right heat highlighted by a touch of sweetness. It even stores well too.

#4 Low Carb Sugar-Free BBQ Sauce Recipe

Wholesome Yum

The addition of liquid smoke to this amazing BBQ sauce recipe truly lifts its flavor far past anything you can expect to find in a store-bought staple. Traditional homemade BBQ sauce could easily be mistaken for this low carb sugar-free keto BBQ sauce blend. For dipping, basting, sandwiches, spreads and even as a base for pizza atop tomato paste, its tanginess is just right.

#5 Keto BBQ Sauce Recipe

Headbanger’s Kitchen

This is the best keto barbecue sauce recipe for those who like their sauce with a bit of a bite. It takes a bit of prep but in 30 minutes you have a decent amount of BBQ sauce which is perfect for serving at the table alongside a large meal. You can even bottle and store it for later and it retains its fantastic taste thanks to just how well apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar and Worcestershire sauce preserve.

#6 Sugar Free BBQ Sauce Recipe

Sugar Free Londoner

This is one of the simplest keto barbecue sauce recipes around which exceeds all expectations through its immense depth of flavor. You can probably whip it up in under 10 minutes, including prep time, while you most likely won’t even need to buy anything extra. It uses staple ingredients found in most kitchens. For an adaptable BQQ recipe which you can customize with your own herbs and spices, look no further.

#7 Keto BBQ Sauce – Smokey Flavor – Great for Steak!

My Keto Kitchen

Here is another keto BBQ sauce recipe which truly capitalizes on the amazing flavor of liquid smoke. It and a handful of other ingredients are blended and sweetened with Stevia keeping this recipe all-natural and perfect for diets of all types. It is a fantastic keto BBQ sauce recipe to make en-masse and bottle for gifts or storage. After you taste it, you’ll soon see that you need more but the standard batch is still a decent size and stores for up to three weeks.

#8 Low Carb BBQ Sauce- Keto Friendly

How to This and That

You don’t get a lower carb BBQ sauce than this with just 2 grams of carbs per average serving. That is way lower than you can get from even store-bought keto barbecue sauce. With or without liquid smoke, this recipe always tastes great. It sticks to herbs, spices and a blend of vinegars which can be seen as a standard framework for all good Keto barbecue sauce recipes.

#9 Simple Keto BBQ Sauce

Fat For Weight Loss

This is the perfect keto barbecue sauce recipe for those who prefer a taste more akin to ketchup. You could even call this recipe a BBQ ketchup instead of a standard barbecue sauce. It is far sweeter than most other sauces making it a fantastic alternative to the cookie-cutter tastes most of us are used to. With just a little bite and highlights of paprika and cayenne, the sweetness of erythritol really brings things together and numbs the burn to an accent atop the rich sweet tomato flavor.

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Keto Barbecue Sauce Tips

The type of sweetener which you use in your keto barbecue sauce really changes the overall flavor. Be sure to play around with different types of sweetener as well as different quantities to unlock different blends of flavor within sauces which you already enjoy. Also keep in mind that when you switch around spices, slight changes can have a massive effect so always pay attention to the quantities used in each batch of sauce so that you know when you’ve found a winner and how to recreate it.


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