11 Keto Breads

One of the things that can be the most difficult adjustment for newcomers to keto the keto lifestyle  is the lack of bread. Omitting bread from the diet has a number of health and nutritional benefits, but bread is also a food that is an integral part of many aspects of the typical American diet. While some may think that the keto lifestyle means an end to sandwiches, toast, burgers, and hot dogs, and other fast, convenient foods, it doesn't have to be that way.

In fact, the keto lifestyle seeks to eliminate, not bread, but unwanted grains, unhealthy sugars, and unhealthy fats. With some care for ingredients, there are actually many options for breads that are tasty, convenient, and completely keto. Here are some of our favorites:

This jalapeno cheese bread is spicy and decadent, and gluten and grain free. It can be made large and soft, for foldable dishes like pitas, tortillas, or wraps. But it can also be made with a crunchier crust, like an artisanal bread, and a great replacement for crackers and snacks. The recipe stays the same, but the baking method varies slightly.

These low carb rolls are paleo and keto, and have a satisfying bready texture. They make an excellent replacement for sandwich breads and burger buns. Made with healthy psyllium husk for better structure and binding, they also call for beef gelatin to help create more structure without creating a bread that is too eggy. The results are delicious, satisfying, and healthy.

These mocha almond fat balls are not just satisfying, but are superbly decadent as well. With these chocolatey balls, you get rich, indulgent flavor, along with lasting energy, without gluten or animal products. They are naturally paleo, and can be keto-friendly, if you omit the maple syrup. They take just 10 minutes, and use ingredients you probably already have in your keto pantry.

This light, eggy bread is high in protein and closely resembles an English muffin. Even better, it has only six ingredients and takes just 90 seconds to make in the microwave; it is similar to many popular mug cakes. Completely carb-free and keto-friendly, it is also a great solution for breakfast sandwiches when toasted in a skillet with a little bit of oil.

Similar to the keto bread above, this recipe also takes just 90 seconds in the microwave, but is slightly simpler, with just four ingredients. Adding stevia and vanilla makes the perfect lightly sweet biscuit, excellent for keto desserts and as a light snack. It is also a great basis for keto bread crumbs to add crispness to your other keto dishes.

This low-carb keto bread is baked in a loaf pan, with a texture and slices that make it the perfect replacement for breads made with carbs and grains. With a golden crust and tender insides, it has everything you want in bread for sandwiches or French toast. It can be made in a food processor with no fear of overmixing. 

This keto bread is grain free, low carb, and delicious, with more of the texture of a zucchini bread or banana bread. It is baked in a loaf pan like a traditional bread, making it easy to slice and use just like any other traditional bread. It's a great substitute for toast, sandwiches, or any meals where you are missing bread.

This light, satisfying bread can either be baked in a loaf pan for sandwiches slices and toast, or formed and cooked on a sheet pan for buns and rolls. It has the lift and crust of regular bread, with no grain and no carbs, and using only egg whites avoids some of the heavier, eggy flavor of some other keto breads.

This unusual keto bread recipe makes an exceptionally satisfying bread, with all the wonderful bread smell as its baking, by means of the inclusion of yeast. Normally keto foods don't use yeast because it requires sugar, but this recipe replaces sugar with the prebiotic inulin, which both feeds the yeast for a beautiful rise, but is healthy to eat as well.

This grain-free, low-carb, paleo and keto bread is made with cauliflower rice for substance and texture. The cauliflower rice, psyllium husks, and almond flour create a satisfying bread texture and flavor without adding unwanted grains, gluten, or refined carbohydrates. Whole seeds on top complete the look of a rustic loaf, and add healthy fats and nutrition to this recipe.

This healthy keto seeded loaf is perfect for toasting and is a deeply satisfying bread. The seeds give flavor, texture, and add healthy fats and micronutrients to every slice. Some keto breads are satisfying bread replacements, but don't have much intrinsic nutrition. This unusual bread recipe provides both a rich bread flavor and texture, and makes it naturally nutritious as well.


Just because a person is on a keto diet doesn't mean they have to omit the delicious, satisfying taste, smell, and texture of bread. By experimenting and replacing wheat flour and yeast with other healthy alternatives, it's possible to enjoy toast, French toast, sandwiches, and hamburger buns in a keto way. These recipes prove that you can have all the benefits of a keto diet, without having to sacrifice the convenience and flavor of bread.


I’m Rebekah and reside in Germany. I’ve been active my whole life but can’t say I have always been healthy when it comes to my food choices. After having issues with my thyroid and started gaining weight, I knew it was time to change what I put in my body. I decided to research the keto lifestyle and started to see major improvements.

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