11 Keto Chili Recipes To Try in 2021

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There’s nothing more satisfying on a chilly day than a bowl of hot chili. It’s delicious and filling, with melted cheese making it creamy and rich – such a great comfort food. We’re not talking about chili that’s high in carbs; we’re talking about keto chili, which is just as tasty as the original chili con carne.

When you leave out the beans you significantly lower the carbs in any recipe, while ground beef and sausage provide healthy fats that keep you full. These recipes are easy and quick to make, and are perfect for weekday meals or holiday dinners. And most can be adapted for your instant pot or slow cooker.

The recipes here are all keto variations of the classic bowl of chili. They’re versatile and absolutely delicious. We’ve even found a chicken chili if you’re eating less beef. The only thing you need to decide is how spicy you want it to be.

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#1 Creamy White Chicken Chili

Northern Nester

White chili is a different spin on the classic red. And in some ways, it’s even tastier without the tomatoes and beef. This recipe uses chicken breasts for the protein. When cooked, the heavy cream and sour cream give it the creamy flavor. Leave out the beans for a more keto-friendly recipe. You can adapt this recipe for the instant pot or the slow cooker.

#2 Keto Chili

Keto Karma

Toss all the ingredients into your slow cooker and let them do their thing, and their thing is a beautiful chili that’s perfect for cold nights. This keto version leaves out the beans to make it low-carb – you won’t even miss them. Use both ground beef and sausage to load this meal up with fat. If you don’t have any beef you could use chicken thighs to keep up with the fat content.

#3 Crispy Bacon Chili


Chili is known as the meal to make when you want comforting, tasty food. Even when you’re following a keto food plan, chili is on the list of foods you can enjoy – like this one, which includes smoked paprika for more flavor. When you’re ready to serve up bowls of this to your family, add sour cream and crispy bacon to the top, and then avocado to add a bit of Mexican taste.

#4 Keto Chili With Bacon

Keto Connect

This chili recipe will take you a little longer to cook, but it’s well worth it. After sautéing ground beef, add the spices – oregano tones down the heat just a bit. The Worcestershire sauce isn’t found in many chili recipes but works well in this one and gives it a bit of acid. Add more jalapeno pepper if you like things really spicy. Make extra so that you can freeze it for lunches.

#5 Easy 30 Minute Keto Chili


There aren’t a lot of ingredients in this chili – but there doesn’t have to be to make is an awesome dish. The one thing it does have is spinach – a lot of spinach– so you’re getting your veg on even when eating a zesty chili. Use low-carb tomato sauce to keep the carb count down. When ready, serve with parmesan cheese, or cheddar if you’re looking for more smoothness to your chili.

#6 Keto Low Carb Chili Recipe

Wholesome Yum

As the weather gets colder, a big pot of chili is almost necessary, so just leave out the beans if you want to go low-carb. This recipe is just as satisfying as the chili your mom used to make. The optional ingredient of a bay leaf gives the chili a nice floral note. Adjust the seasonings to your taste, like adding more chili powder if you like a lot of heat in your dish.

#7 Easy Keto Chili

The Kitchn

There’s only way to describe this chili, and that’s “delicious.” The mushrooms in this recipe are what give it a delicious and satisfying taste. Use ground beef – but ground chicken or turkey work just as well and they’re just lower in fat count. There’s a lot of spice in this dish, including smoked paprika. You can serve sour cream on top to take the heat down a notch if you prefer. Other good low-carb chili toppers are green onions and cilantro.

#8 Keto Chili Con Carne

My Keto Kitchen

When you just want a little bit of chili to warm you up, this is a good dish to serve on top of cauliflower rice. Completely keto approved, this recipe uses ground beef spiced up with chili powder and garlic. Once it’s cooked, check the taste to see if you need to add more salt or chili. If you have time, throw together a batch of guacamole to spoon over the top.

#9 30 Minute Hearty Keto Chili

Perfect Keto

This recipe is about as traditional as it can get without those carb-stacked beans. Tomato paste helps to thicken the chili and the cumin gives it a bit of Texas flavor. So this one is easy to prepare and will keep you right on budget. Make extra for future meals. Put the usual toppings on your chili. And add chopped jalapenos if you like your chili with a lot of hot spice.

#10 No Bean Whole30 Keto Chili

Food Faith Fitness

The recipe is designed for an instant pot, but you can make it on the stove top as well. Trade in the fire-roasted tomatoes for the ones without the fire if want a milder chili. You’ll like the addition of allspice for a twist to the flavor profile. The parsley added when the chili is cooked provides a touch of freshness to the chili. Scrumptious at any time of the year.

#11 Keto Traditional Ground Beef Chili


Done in under an hour, this low-carb keto recipe will leave you feeling full and satisfied. It’s loaded with healthy fats and the bold flavor makes it one of the tastiest chili recipes you’ve had. Chipotle pepper is the genius behind this dish, that and the cilantro make it a Mexican-style chili. Whip up a big pot of this keto Chili and serve it with a side salad for a complete meal.

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It’s Chili Time!

Chili is one of those meals that everyone remembers having as a kid. It’s a classic dish that has been around for years – with many variations. So it shouldn’t surprise you that the keto version is here to stay, and it’s just as delicious as any chili you’ve tasted, including the one your mom made. With the recipes we’ve included here, there’s no reason for you not to start cooking a big pot for dinner tonight.

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