10 Keto Coffee Recipes to Give Your Body a Kick Towards Ketosis

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Bulletproof coffee must either be served piping hot or completely chilled as a specific ice coffee blend. In-between simply doesn’t work with this high-fat, low-carb energy booster with no crash and nothing but benefits. Between the coconut butter, MCT-oil, ghee or grass-fed butter and other high-fat additions such as heavy cream, your keto coffee can be reinvented in countless ways taking the standard bulletproof blend to new highs by adding nothing more than a twist here or there.

Keto coffee tastes so good that even people who aren’t keto’ers often find themselves falling in love with the rich taste. Most keto coffee fans will recommend the strongest brew of coffee you can muster as once you add the essential ingredients the richness blurs out any strong bitter accents which may be present, transforming an otherwise too-strong cup of coffee into a delectable drink enjoyable by anyone.

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#1 Keto Crack Coffee – A Must-Try Keto Coffee Recipe!

Forget Sugar Friday

This is a keto coffee recipe to rival any bulletproof combination out there. It promises a coffee-kick unlike any other and has at times been called “The World’s Strongest Coffee.” At first glance, a cup can be deceiving but you have to try this recipe dairy-free or not; either way, it always comes out great and is guaranteed to wake you quickly.

#2 Keto Coffee

Fat For Weight Loss

Here is a great starter recipe for anyone who is new to keto coffee. Requiring nothing more than your staple bulletproof ingredients, the recipe even comes with recommendations on how to adjust your daily dose of keto coffee to help your weight loss efforts. With keto coffee, the stronger the blend the better for most people. Give it a try, you won’t be sorry.

#3 Keto Coffee Recipe

Jennifer Banz

Here’s another winning bulletproof coffee recipe which doesn’t disappoint. This time you’re guided through making a cup of keto coffee using Stevia. When brewing up a cup of jo with butter added, you may want to use a frother to blend in the essential fats quicker. It comes in so handy that most keto’ers keep one with them.

#4 Keto Coffee Recipe… Or Butter Coffee!

Dr. Axe

Keto coffee is called by many names from bulletproof to butter coffee. This particular coffee adds in its creaminess through the adding collagen powder, MCT oil, and grass-fed butter. While not a keto coffee for vegans, other keto’ers have the option of adding in extra gelatin. With or without, you have one of the best cups of energy-lifting butter coffee around.

#5 Bulletproof Keto Coffee


Froth in some extra-heavy cream to turn your cup of butter coffee into a tasty, thick treat which is especially something extra sweet. A blender makes this mix easiest but you can also whip up this keto coffee in minutes by hand. Be sure to sweeten liberally unless you like a frothier bitter drink which is best sipped slowly.

#6 Keto Bulletproof Coffee with MCT Oil


This keto bulletproof coffee recipe shows you just how versatile the base blend can be. Hints of Stevia and a touch of Himalayan salt add a depth of flavor to the sought-after taste which is among the best out there. Just think of how many other spices you can add to transform a basic cup of butter coffee into a unique, addictive blend of bulletproof perfectly suited to your personal tastes.

#7 Keto Vanilla Cream Bulletproof Coffee

The Keto Queens

Here’s a bulletproof blend of coffee delivering a delightfully sweet flavor and a texture which is second to none. It gives you all of the foamy goodness of a latte with everything needed to help spur and maintain ketosis. Who would have thought that long-lasting high-energy sustenance could ever taste so good while being the best thing you can drink for keto-powered weight loss?

#8 Iced Bulletproof Coffee (Keto and Low Carb)

Sugar Free Mom

If you have a sweet tooth then this intriguing snack may be enjoyed at breakfast but for most, it’s the best way to break the midday with a tasty drink which takes the place of a meal. Spiced and seasoned, bulletproof coffee is taken to new heights in a way which tastes as refreshing as it sounds.

#9 Bulletproof Coffee Recipe (How to Make Bulletproof Coffee)

The Cookie Rookie

Here’s a recipe which comes with all of the information you could ever want to know about how keto coffee helps you start and sustain energy throughout the day while assisting ketosis at every step of the way. From how medium-chain triglycerides are an essential sustainable fuel source to brewing up the perfect cup, here you’ll find everything.

#10 Bulletproof Coffee

Diet Doctor

Take a look at this overview of bulletproof coffee and the different brews which you can enjoy it with. It also is a great highlight of just how simple this energy booster actually is. You need nothing more than three ingredients to serve up a cup of some of the best-tasting coffee around. Bulletproof blends are a winner as long as you expand the recipe from the three items listed here.

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Keto Coffee – A Meal Replacement for Keto & Weight Loss

Bulletproof coffee, or keto coffee, can be seen as a total meal replacement for those who are looking to lose weight. It gives you the fat that you need to sustain or help trigger ketosis, while replacing no less than two to three meals. One cup of coffee keeps you full right through your meal time, with most people’s morning cup of java keeping them full and feeling good well past lunch.


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