8 Keto Crackers for a Filling On-the-Go Snack

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All that it takes during a busy day to keep your hunger at bay is one or two keto crackers and a delicious cup of bulletproof coffee at lunch. Some savory keto crackers are also a great side to many meals while serving as a winning accompaniment to a dip or keto barbecue sauce. Almost every cracker on this list goes great with cheese while some sweet treats are better served with peanut butter or cream.

No matter what type of taste you prefer, these 8 keto crackers are sure to deliver the sustenance needed to keep you at peak energy levels while always exceeding your flavor expectations. From crunchy, salty crackers to snacks made from fathead dough which you’ll struggle to put down, this list aims to inspire.

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#1 Crispy Keto Crackers – Rosemary and Sea Salt

Aussie Keto Queen

These salty crackers will soon become a favorite to any cheese lover. Their low-carb goodness combines the nutrients of flax with the flavor of lightly peppered sea salt and rosemary. A single batch gives you about 30 crackers while putting this go-to snack together takes nothing more than a few steps and waiting time. The recipe is so forgiving that every batch comes out perfect no matter what. They’re also low enough in calories to indulge. Serve these with antipasto, any type of cheese, or any of your favorite dips for a winning snack which will wow friends and family.

#2 Spicy Ranch Crackers

That Low Carb Life

As a snack or packed with ingredients for lunch, these spicy ranch crackers are so good that they could easily become your favorite of these 8 keto cracker recipes. Fathead dough is transformed into a crunch low-carb treat which is perfectly seasoned to a mildly spicy, cheesy flavor with just a drop of red pepper flakes. Feel free to up the quantity if you’d prefer a bit of a burn but with this blend, your ranch crackers have just the right touch of heat to be enjoyed by anyone.

#3 Keto Garlic Cheese Crackers

Divalicious Recipes

Garlic and cheese is a winning blend which has had it’s a-typical goodness elevated to a new level thanks to this innovative blend using mozzarella. Carrying just a touch of crunch, these keto garlic cheese crackers stay chewy due to the cheese, so if you would prefer them a bit crunchier throughout then be sure to bake them for another 5-minutes or so. They can be enjoyed with a range of toppings but once you’ve tried them as-is you’ll be hard pressed to put the bowl down to find anything extra.

#4 Low-Carb Rosemary Parmesan Crackers

Simply So Healthy

This delectably light keto cracker recipe was created from the inspiration of a tortilla chip, with the creator blending together a batch of rich cheesy snacks which are perfect for your diet. Switch out the taco seasoning for something spicier or enjoy as is. The recipe is even flexible enough to be adapted to other types of cheese. These low-carb rosemary parmesan crackers are gluten free and are the perfect snack and guest serving. So simple, yet so delicious.

#5 Low Carb Fathead Crackers

Ditch The Carbs

Here’s another snack which is the wonderful result of a fathead cracker batter. This recipe knocks out all competition, delivering a punch of flavor and perfect seasoning. The crunch of pizza dough combined with your choice of cheese, herbs, spices, or topped with dip, spreading cheese or any sauce you prefer, makes these some of the most addictive keto crackers around. In under half an hour you can put together these treats taste twice as tasty as they look while looking like top-notch catered cuisine.

#6 Paleo Almond Low Carb Crackers

Sugar-Free Londoner

Delivering some of the crunchiest crackers a ketone can ever hope to find, these Paleo Almond Low Carb Crackers are the best and highly adaptable. The ingredients and method are so simple that a child could memorize it and put it together perfectly. Once you’ve tried them as-is which is far from plain, try adding some parmesan on top for the perfect way to finish off a tray of snacks.  From their wafer-thin thickness to ideal texture and taste with hinting glimpses of almond, you’ll soon fall in love with this recipe.

#7 Homemade Cracker Recipe: Low Carb Buttery Goodness


These buttery crackers can be added to any eating plan but are one of the most optimal keto snacks around. Thanks to carrying just a touch of salt, they are great no matter what you serve them with. From peanut butter to cream cheese, these crackers stay delicious. Keep them covered so they stay crunchy and firm, but there should be little chance of batch standing for long once you’ve tasted them and personalized the recipe with anything you prefer. Add garlic powder, chili or even cinnamon, they’re very versatile.

#8 Keto Butter Crackers

This Mom’s Menu

For a slightly different approach to keto butter crackers which you have to try, whip up a batch using this recipe. You’ll struggle to find another blend that matches the flakiness and light texture of these tasty crackers. Perfect as a basic cracker with cheese or equally good when topped with a combination of freshly sliced peppers, mushrooms, and olives, this recipe delivers a snack which can be served with almost anything. Try topping them with jam or modifying the recipe by adding fresh herbs such as basil, tarragon or oregano, your crackers always come out tasting great.

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Innovate and Create Your Own Keto Crackers

Don’t feel afraid to experiment. Using these recipes as templates for your own ideas is one of the best ideas around. Between these 8 keto crackers, you’ll certain to learn the best ways to combine keto-friendly ingredients to arrive at any texture or taste preferred.  Once you get a knack for keto baking you’ll soon be coming up with your own winning cracker combinations looking and tasting better than anything you’d get on a store-bought platter.


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