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Fudge is a deeply traditional American confection, and often associated with holidays and family time. It also makes a thoughtful and attractive gift to give to friends and loved ones, and is always popular at social gatherings. However, fudge very high in refined sugar, and store-bought fudge may also include corn syrup and other unwanted ingredients.

Keto fudge is every bit as creamy and delicious as traditional fudge, but without the carbs and sugars you don’t need. And keto fudge also comes in a rich array of flavors and taste combinations to please any palate, and honor any occasion. There are dozens of options for keto fudge that is sweet, satisfying, and will please any palate. Here are our favorite keto fudge recipes.

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#1 Brianafinger Truffle Fudge

Briana Thomas

This milk chocolatey truffle fudge is topped with peanut butter and toasted coconut, for a pleasing combination of creamy and crispy textures. It’s also low carb, sugar free, gluten free, and keto friendly. Almond milk not only adds creaminess, but enhances the nuttiness of the topping. Even better, the ingredients whip together in just a few minutes, making it a simple treat.

#2 Keto Maple Butter Cheesecake Fudge

A Home With Purpose

This keto maple butter cheesecake fudge isn’t a traditional chocolate fudge. It’s a maple pecan cheesecake fudge, with a beautiful look and creamy texture and nutty sweetness. It calls for only 7 ingredients, and is easy to shape in a mini muffin pan or candy mold, for a variety of possible shapes and occasions. Low carb, grain free, keto friendly, and delectable.

#3 Sugar-free Thin Mint Fudge

Nana’s Little Kitchen

Chocolate and mint are a favorite flavor combination for so many people, and this keto fudge has the appeal of peppermint and a deep chocolate flavor. Made in a pan and poured thin, these delicious treats are sugar free, low carb, grain free, and full of satisfying sweetness. It melts together easily and is fantastic for the whole family at the holidays.

#4 Creamy Peanut Butter Fudge

My Montana Kitchen

Creamy peanut butter fudge is low carb, sugar free, and keto friendly. Even better, this rich and satisfying fudge takes just two ingredients and can be whipped together in just a few minutes. Homemade sweetened condensed milk is a useful and versatile recipe too. Beautiful as a gift or treat for yourself, peanut butter fudge is welcome any time of year.

#5 Sugar-free Paleo Pumpkin Fudge

Low Carb Yum

One of the best things about fall is the return of pumpkin season, when we can bring all those fall flavors and fragrances back into our lives. This pumpkin fudge recipe is sugar free and keto friendly, and has no dairy in it, for those who need dairy free desserts,  and it is so easy to make. It’s a great fall treat.

#6 Keto Peanut Butter Fudge

The Keto Cookbook

This peanut butter fudge doubles as a keto fat bomb, so of course you need it in your daily life right now. It has no sugar, almost no carbs, and no unhealthy ingredients. In fact, you probably have everything you need to make this fudge already in your cupboards. It takes just 10 minutes to make, so you don’t have to wait.

#7 Thick Keto Fudgy Brownie Cookies

Low Carb With Jennifer

These brownies are thick and fudgy and decadent, but have no gluten and no sugar, and are completely keto. Topped with sugar-free chocolate chips and a light sprinkling of sea salt, they are perfect for satisfying a chocolate craving, or to make for company. Each fudgy brownie cookie has less than 13 carbs and is full of fiber, so indulge yourself.

#8 Keto Pecan Pie Fudge

These Wild Acres

There is maybe nothing more evocative of Thanksgiving and winter holidays than the words pecan pie fudge. This recipe is sugar free, carb free, and completely keto friendly. A dash of cinnamon and Himalayan sea salt add flavor and complexity, making this fudge even more evocative of a pie. It’s also fast and easy to make, with quick prep and common ingredients.

#9 Keto Fudge Protein Brownies

No Excuses Nutrition

These fudgy brownies are not only sugar free, gluten free, and keto, but they are also packed with protein and have just 3 grams of carbs. Using chocolate protein powder gives them their rich flavor and the protein your body needs So even though they look like decadent brownies, they are actually good for you. These brownies are the perfect keto treat.

#10 Keto Strawberry Barfi Fudge

Keto Tadka

Barfi is an Indian dessert that bears a strong resemblance to American fudge. This recipe is for a fudge-inspired keto strawberry barfi, packed with protein and healthy ingredients. Ghee and coconut add appealing nuttiness, while cardamom adds perfume and complexity to these delicious strawberry fat bombs. It has over 5 grams of protein per serving, with less than 3 grams of carbs.

#11 Silky Mint Chocolate Fudge

Pretty Pies

This silky mint chocolate fudge is full of healthy fats and natural ingredients, and is completely low carb and keto friendly. It’s beautiful, with an appealing green layer created by avocado, that enhances the mint flavor beside the chocolate. It’s actually two recipes in one, but you could make the mint fudge alone for Saint Patrick’s Day or other fun springtime events.

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Fat bombs are one of the fun indulgences of a keto lifestyle, and with these recipes you can combine the satisfaction of a fat bomb with existing traditions of fudge as a part of holidays and family traditions. From rich decadent chocolates, to bright creamy berries, to buttery nutty flavors, there is a fudge for every taste and every occasion. And many of these recipes are simple enough that you could be making fudge already.


I’m Rebekah and reside in Germany. I’ve been active my whole life but can’t say I have always been healthy when it comes to my food choices. After having issues with my thyroid and started gaining weight, I knew it was time to change what I put in my body. I decided to research the keto lifestyle and started to see major improvements.

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