12 Keto Salmon Recipes in 2021

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Salmon is one of the healthiest, best-tasting fish you can eat. Whether you’re eating the keto way or not, salmon is high in nutrients, and it can be cooked in so many ways and served with so many other foods. Add some herbs and spices, and no salmon recipe is the same.

With the versality of salmon, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be one of your go-to meals. As well as being a great source of lean protein, it’s full of omega 3 fatty acids – just what you need when you’re sticking to foods that are keto-friendly.

The recipes we’ve collected for you cover a wide range of tastes. You’ll find salmon served with vegetables as well as salmon that’s perfectly cooked and crusted with Parmesan cheese and herbs. After looking through these recipes you’ll always be sure to have salmon in the fridge just waiting to be made into a great meal.

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#1 The Keto Salmon Recipe

Thriving on Paleo

Salmon at its perfection is what this recipe is all about. The topping for this salmon is so amazingly good that you’ll want to make extra for another meal. Made from cashews and cilantro with a totally different taste than you’ve had before, it pairs well with salmon. The addition of lime juice brings that extra bit of tartness to the dish.

#2 Orange Butter Lemon Salmon

The Roasted Root

If you’re looking for new and wonderful ways to cook and eat salmon, this is it. This recipe is simple to make and done in no time. Cook the salmon in avocado oil to give it even more richness, and use whatever spices and herbs catch your fancy that day, such as ginger. Then just whip up the citrus butter sauce and pour over the salmon.

#3 Keto Salmon Egg Avocado Salad


Avocado and salmon go so well together. Add eggs and it just got better. Grill the salmon fillet with just a hint of pepper. Mix up the dressing ingredients. The dill in the dressing provides the dish with a spark of freshness. Find a big bowl and fill it with lettuce, placing the salmon, egg, and avocado on top. Pour the dressing over for a super quick lunch or a light dinner.

#4 keto Low-Carb Parmesan Herb Crusted Salmon

Stay Snatched

When you’re in a hurry and still want to eat right on your keto plan, this salmon recipe makes things very easy for you. Low-carb, the healthy fat of the salmon is enhanced with shredded Parmesan cheese and garlic. Use parsley in the crust, or you could use cilantro for a more robust taste. Sprinkle the salmon with a barbeque spice to give it a smoky note.

#5 Keto Salmon and Veggies


Everyone wants full flavor when they’re eating healthy, so this quick and easy salmon recipe is sure to deliver. The dish is made using low-carb vegetable choices, including tomatoes, mushrooms, and kale. You can use any low-carb veggies you happen to have. Salmon is delicately cooked in butter or olive oil, with just a twist of salt to pull out the taste. Don’t forget to use lots of garlic to spice up the kale.

#6 Baked Garlic Parmesan Salmon

Health Starts in the Kitchen

Salmon is a versatile protein and rich in the healthy fats you need on a keto food plan. Make a creamy mixture of mayo and Parmesan to coat the salmon so that it bakes into a nice crispy crust. If you’re big garlic fan, add another clove to the recipe. Done in no time, this is an absolutely delicious meal when served with a salad.

#7 Keto Low Carb Parmesan Salmon

5 Dinners 1 Hour

Dinner shouldn’t have to be an ordeal, and when you have this go-to recipe you’ll always have a quick and enjoyable meal that you can turn to. The recipe uses almond meal to make the breadcrumb mixture, keeping things keto with the ingredients. Mayo and Parmesan cheese add full-flavored fat to the dish – just spread over the salmon when you’re ready to cook.

#8 Easy One Pan Garlic Dill Lemon Baked Salmon Recipe

Cooking LSL

Serve this baked salmon with vegetables or a salad for a full meal. This is a phenomenal recipe that comes out beautifully each time you make it. When baked, the dill and lemon juice coat the salmon, leaving it flaky and light; it just falls apart with the touch of your fork. Use either garlic powder or garlic cloves to get that hint of garlic.

#9 Keto Sheet Pan Salmon & Asparagus – Low Carb

I Breathe I’m Hungry

This recipe is the ideal salmon combo – the asparagus really lets the fish shine. Mayo blended with Dijon mustard gives a rich tanginess to the dish. Be sure to use full-fat Parmesan for this recipe – no skimping on the fat. You can eat this recipe hot or cold, so it’s a great option when you want to cook ahead and take something low-carb for lunch the next day.

#10 Baked Salmon in Foil

Jennifer Banz

Cook this salmon recipe in a foil pouch and avoid spending time cleaning up. Season your salmon with a blend of spices – garlic powder, cumin, and chili are used in this recipe, but you could change it up if you wanted. The lime juice, though, is a must. It adds some zip and punch to the fish. Add olive oil and some salt, and it’s ready to be popped into the oven.

#11 Salmon with Avocado Salsa

Gimme Delicious

Salmon is one of the healthiest fish and it delivers a lot of nutrition to the keto food plan. Try something a little different with this recipe. Give it an oil rub with spices, then grill it so it’s flaky and tender. When you’re ready to serve, top it off with salsa and creamy avocado. Absolutely a flavor bomb in your mouth.

#12 Baked Lemon Herb Parmesan Crusted Salmon Recipe

Wholesome Yum

Baked salmon is tasty with just a bit of olive oil and salt, but it becomes fantastic when it’s spread with a topping of Parmesan-mayo – and then even better when you sprinkle more cheese and dill on top. The lemon zest infuses it all together. So simple to make, you can have a healthy keto dinner on the table in under 30 minutes.0

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Tasty Salmon Dinner

Salmon is already filled with fats that are good for you, and we’ve made it even easier for you to eat keto meals with these recipes. Switch up the herbs and spices that you cook with the salmon. If you don’t like spicy foods just leave out the heat and choose milder herbs, such as dill which goes beautifully with salmon. You won’t feel at all guilty when you make any one of these salmon meals.

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