12 Keto Smoothie Recipe Ideas for a Healthy, Filling Meal or Snack

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Smoothies are a go-to snack for most health-conscious individuals. One cannot argue against the value of these nutrient-dense liquid meals. Blending up your breakfast, lunch or on-the-go snack affords you the opportunity of including superfoods, fruits, and vegetables in quantities which you normally wouldn’t be able to eat as-is. Fortified with protein powder, keto smoothie recipe ideas expand to total replacements to a healthy plate of food while adding amazing tastes including chocolate and other sweet varieties.

Here we’ll be taking you through a look at 12 keto smoothie recipe ideas so that you have a great selection to choose from the next time you want a quick, filling lunch that beats the nutrition of most store-bought food types.

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#1 Keto Spinach Avocado Green Smoothie

Keto Summit

Packing a massive amount of nutrition thanks to spinach and avocado, this is the ideal keto smoothie for anyone who wants a healthy way to start the day. Simple, quick to make, and packed with iron, healthy fats and a range of other nutrients, you don’t get a better on the go snack or breakfast.

#2 Low Carb Pumpkin Spice Latte

Northern Nester

With its rich, deep fall flavors, you’d easily mistake this latte for something straight out a high-end coffee shop. Enjoy as is or topped with whipped cream for unforgettable flavor. Try it with fresh pumpkin for a slightly longer method to lift the taste, which you simply have to sample.

#3 Keto Lemon Coconut Smoothie

Tri Holistic Nutrition

The way that this keto smoothie combines lemon and coconut will have you putting these two ingredients together in other ways. Fortified with protein power and highlighted by just enough zest, this smoothie is a winner no matter what diet you’re on.

#4 Ibih Low Carb Green Smoothie – Dairy Free

I Breathe I’m Hungry

Blending these detox ingredients into a smoothie improves the rate of digestion facilitating a quicker cleanse of your body while the taste will have you coming back for more. Giving you a healthy dose of essential vitamins and antioxidants, this recipe blends easily no matter which blender you own.

#5 Easy Morning Green Smoothie

That Paleo Couple

Cucumber, lemon, avocado, and kale together make for one of the easiest and tastiest green smoothies around which also happens to be ideally suited to the keto diet and any other healthy eating plan as well. Tangy, filling and good enough to drink daily, experiment with extra ingredients for endless variations.

#6 Low Carb Cold Brew Protein Shake Smoothie

Peace, Love and Low Carb

The sheer amount of energy, strength, metabolism, anti-inflammatory, and nutrients that this smoothie puts into one glass is astounding. You’d never think that superfoods, protein powder, and plant extracts could ever taste so good or work so well. You get a very powerful boost of energy while your hunger is kept at bay in the healthiest of ways.

#7 Raspberry Lemonade Smoothies

All Day I Dream About Food

This is a sweet smoothie which the kids will love while being exactly what is needed by any keto’er to get through the day while enjoying the tastiest of on-the-go meals. Light, low in carbs and perfect every time, opt for frozen berries instead of fresh to make a thicker blend while fresh-taste awesome as well but give you a thinner smoothie.

#8 Anti-Inflammatory Green Smoothie Recipe


Hints of lime and ginger transform this green smoothie into a strangely addictive, exotic meal which is just as healthy as it is tasty. Go for a mix of green powder of your choice or stick to the recommendation for fantastic anti-inflammatory benefits.

#9 Green Keto Smoothie Recipe with Avocado and Mint

Low Carb Yum

Green smoothies are forever versatile. Swop out an ingredient or two and replace your herbs to put a completely new spin on your smoothie every day. This recipe combines avocado and mint wonderfully, giving you a smoothie which is best served chilled on a blistering hot day. There’s no better smoothie to cool down and help you hit ketosis.

#10 Refreshing Cucumber Celery Lime Smoothie

Paleo Flourish

This is another smoothie which is great for keto’ers during warmer weather. Omit the clear spirits or add your shot of vodka or cane, this smoothie is great either way. Cucumber and lime meld into a single new taste thanks to the addition of celery. If you’re pressed for time, don’t bother seeding the cucumber first.

#11 2 Sugar- And Dairy-Free Ketogenic Smoothie Recipes

Breaking Muscle

This is a ketogenic smoothie which rivals any chocolate milkshake out there. With frozen cherries, raw cacao, full-fat coconut milk, turmeric and avocado, you blend up a smoothie which looks great and tastes even better. As recommended by this winning recipe, add in your choice of fresh greens or some cacao nibs or keto chocolate chips to make this already addictive smoothie even tastier.

#12 Low Carb Avocado Smoothie

Booze and Baking

Avocado is one of the most versatile ingredients available and a firm favorite of any keto diet. Here’s another smoothie using avocado in an innovative way. With protein, chia, and cacao, you’ve got a smoothie which packs a great protein punch while also carrying enough healthy fat, especially if you use coconut milk.

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The Many Flavor Combinations of a Keto Smoothie

Smoothies are so versatile that you can play around with countless tasty combinations. Stick to keto-friendly ingredients and your options are near endless. Low-carb greens, nut oils, raw nuts themselves, heavy cream, berries and more all work very well in a keto smoothie recipe or protein shake. Use these recipes as a base to begin developing your very own range of keto smoothies which will top anything you’ve tasted before.


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