8 Best Keto Steak Recipes

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Is there any meal more satisfying for keto dieters than a juicy cut of prime beef? I think not. Grass-fed cuts of beef make up the majority of my diet ever since I made the switch over to the keto lifestyle, and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt better.

Not only is beef a fantastic source of both protein and saturated animal fats, but it also contains an abundance of essential vitamins and minerals that your body requires. And there are just so many great ways to prepare it in order to make some truly delicious meals.

With that in mind, today I wanted to share a few of my favorite steak recipes for all of our readers who love beef as much as I do. These are without a doubt the 8 best keto steak recipes I’ve ever tried. Once you try out these tasty dishes for yourself, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree as well!

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#1 Slow Cooker Steak Wraps

Northern Nester

I can’t think of any better way to kick this list off than with a recipe that combines three of my favorite things into one meal — a slow cooker, steak, and wraps. You’ll start by cooking slices of sirloin steak in a frying pan with butter before then adding them into your slow cooker along with a variety of tasty herbs, spices, and veggies. Finish it all off with a low carb wrap (be sure to check out our keto-friendly tortilla recipes) and top with your preferred wrap toppings.

#2 Philly Cheese Steak Wraps

Low Carb Maven

This next recipe is one of my favorites to make whenever I’m craving something for breakfast that’s guaranteed to keep me feeling full for hours. Not only are you getting one of the best Philly cheese steak wrap recipes that you’ll ever try, but it contains next to zero carbs and it’s absolutely loaded with protein and high quality fats. And best of all is the fact that it only takes about 5-10 minutes to make from scratch.

#3 Garlic Butter Steak

Life Made Keto

I love to use copious amounts of butter whenever I make my steaks. This garlic butter steak recipe takes things a step further by mixing the butter with minced garlic cloves and a couple of other herbs to really bring the flavor in a big time way. Served alongside roasted asparagus and sauteed mushrooms, this is one keto dinner option that’s sure to delight.

#4 Asian Steak Bites – Easy Keto Recipe

All Day I Dream About Food

Go ahead and treat yourself to some juicy and tender steak bites that have been topped with an out of this world good Asian style marinade with this tasty recipe. It’s a perfect blend of sweet, salty, and spicy thanks to the addition of ingredients like coconut aminos, a low carb sweetener, and red pepper flakes. You’ll also be using a combo of sesame seeds and sesame oil when making these steak bites for added flavoring that provides a solid mix of heart healthy fats.

#5 Steak Bites – Keto

That Low Carb Life

Since steak bites are such a convenient option for those times when you’re craving a meal that’s quick, easy, and satisfying, I just had to share another keto recipe for them. This particular recipe features an easy to make steak marinade that uses an incredibly delectable mixture of ingredients. And while you can get away with marinating your steak bites for only 30 minutes, if you instead let them soak for 3-4 hours they’re unbelievably tasty.

#6 Chipotle Steak Bowl


Whenever I’m out and about and in need of a keto-friendly meal, hitting up Chipotle is usually a good call. Admittedly, that can end up being rather expensive so I eventually just started making my own Chipotle-inspired keto meals from home. This steak bowl recipe is one of the first ones I tried and it remains a personal favorite to this day thanks to the mouth wateringly good combination of flavors it provides.

#7 Keto Steak and Broccoli Stir-fry

Diet Doctor

Steak and broccoli is a classic combination to prepare for dinner if you’re in need of a wholesome meal made with real food. However, there’s no denying that if you don’t prepare it properly, it can be a little bit bland. This keto steak broccoli stir fry recipe definitely doesn’t have that issue as it mixes in a bit of onion, heart healthy pumpkin seeds, and a generous amount of creamy butter to make one delicious and nutritious keto meal.

#8 Keto Steak Nuggets with Chipotle Ranch Dip

Health Starts in the Kitchen

I wasn’t kidding when I said how much I love making Chipotle-inspired keto meals from scratch. This recipe is a must try if you’ve never tried making steak nuggets — you just might never want chicken nuggets again afterwards! A slightly tangy homemade Chipotle ranch dip accompanies this recipe that packs an immense amount of flavor as well. This one is not to be missed!

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The Perfect Keto Food

A good cut of steak is literally the perfect keto food. Tons of protein and fat, zero carbs, and plenty of the essential nutrients that your body needs to function properly. These 8 keto steak recipes are just my personal favorites that I’m sure you’ll enjoy — but believe me when I tell you, there are somany more fantastic ways to prepare your steak into keto-friendly meals that are out of this world good. Go forth and enjoy fellow steak lovers!

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