9 Keto Waffles To Try in 2021

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One of the meals you may be avoiding when you’re following the keto food plan is waffles. This popular breakfast dish is full of sugar and high in carbs, taking it off the table as a food you can enjoy … that is until you shake up the recipe and modify a few of the ingredients to make it into a keto recipe.

It’s totally possible to make waffles that are super delicious – many of these recipes are even better than their flour-laden cousins. To make your waffles even healthier try adding fruits that are keto-friendly, such as blueberries.

We’ve collected some waffle recipes that we know you’ll love and won’t be able to resist. They’re perfect for a family Sunday breakfast when you have time to spend around the table. And they’re ideal when you’re on the run in the morning and need a quick breakfast option.

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#1 Best Waffles Ever

Ditch The Carbs

Eating the keto way? Bet you think that waffles are out of the question and that you can’t enjoy a morning with one of your favorite breakfast foods. Guess again – waffles are wonderfully doable with this low-carb recipe. And these waffles are seriously delicious. Just mix together eggs and coconut flour with a sweetener of your choosing. These waffles will definitely make breakfast into a special affair. When warm, spread with loads of butter. Then serve with fruit or with a keto-friendly fruit syrup.

#2 Keto Waffles Stuffed with Cream Cheese


Use almond flour for these keto-friendly waffles to keep the carb count low. If you haven’t used almond flour before you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to use in almost any breakfast as an alternative to flour. The secret ingredient in this recipe is the mayo – it adds so much creaminess to the waffles. Full-fat cream cheese is ideal to get the best result for these gems. These waffles will quickly become your breakfast winner. They’ll make a nice dessert too. Just serve them to your guests with some fresh berries and whipped cream.

#3 Crispy Sweet Cinnamon Keto Waffles

The Kitchen Magpie

These waffles are light and fluffy. It’s the beaten egg whites that give them this lightness so they cook up thick and ready to be spread with butter. Use Splenda or another sweetener for these keto waffles. Along with the almond flour, this is a low-carb recipe that you can serve anytime. The addition of cinnamon and nutmeg gives the waffle just a hint of spiciness. They taste best with loads of melted butter on top. And some fresh fruit or a low-carb syrup of your choice.

#4 Simple Keto Waffles Recipe

Fat For Weight Loss

Your kids will love these waffles. And you can make them knowing that they’re on the healthy side of delicious for them … and for you as they fit right into your keto-lifestyle way of cooking. Low-carb and sugar free, the recipe uses almond milk as well as vanilla flavoring, which makes these waffles ideal for breakfast or as a sweet dessert. These are soooo scrumptious. When you see how much everyone loves them you’ll consider serving them for dinner too.

#5 Light ‘N Fluffy Waffles


You’ll be so excited when your first taste these incredible waffles. The recipe uses a combination of almond and coconut flours instead of carbed-up flour. The waffles cook up nice and fluffy in your waffle iron. Leave them in the iron longer if you like your waffles on the crispy side. Make extra to freeze and pull out for breakfast. Just pop into the toaster to crisp them up. Then spread with butter for an amazing breakfast that you’ll be craving more than one day a week.

#6 Keto Paleo Almond Flour Waffles Recipe

Wholesome Yum

This recipe for waffles is as close as you can get to the full-carb version, and much, much better. Almond flour is mixed with almond butter to create a smooth batter. If you want to leave out the almond butter, just use more butter instead. Toss blueberries into the batter for a different flavor explosion. This is an amazing breakfast idea that’s ideal for holidays when you want to serve your family and friends a special meal – one that you can enjoy yourself on your keto journey.

#7 Fluffy Keto Pancake/Waffle Recipe

Try Keto WIth Me

You can use this recipe to make either waffles or pancakes – they both taste delightfully delicious. The cream cheese is what pulls this recipe together, adding extra creaminess to the batter. Cinnamon is optional but brings that touch of spice to the waffle. Or you could toss in some sugar-free chocolate chips when you’re making these waffles for the kids. Make this recipe without any sweetener for a savory waffle that you can use as base for other keto friendly meals.

#8 Fluffy Keto Waffles

Perfect Keto

Low-carb waffles that taste fantastic – this is the recipe that you can’t live without. Keto approved, these waffles are a healthy option when you just want to enjoy a lazy day at home with a special breakfast.  Easy and quick to make, they’re also a good breakfast choice when you’re in a hurry. The recipe calls for almond milk, but you can sub in coconut milk instead. When it comes to weekend brunch, make sure that you give this recipe a try.

#9 Low Carb Almond Flour Waffles

Low Carb Yum

When you’re craving an indulgent breakfast, these waffles will make the grade. Use heavy cream to up the fat count – it has fewer carbs than regular milk. You can make sweet waffles using the recipe, just use Splenda or another sweetener, or add more cream to the batter to make a batch of pancakes. These are great served with whipped cream and fresh fruit. Best of all, they’re totally keto so you can enjoy them without feeling at all guilty.

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Breakfast Indulgences

Just because you’re following the keto food plan doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy waffles or pancakes now and then. Just stick to your healthier breakfasts the rest of the week. The almond flour used in a lot of these waffle recipes is low carb, making it ideal for modifying recipes that use white flour. So, go ahead and enjoy, without feeling at all guilty or that you’re eating something that you shouldn’t.

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